Introducing Tata Daewoo’s SPV line-up

Refrigerator / Dry van

Refrigerator / Dry van

Efficiency in high transport using more spacious, long deck, and large capacity of compressor
Aluminum material on essential parts of a truck for high durability and less weight

Two rows of palates

Possible to stack two rows of palates
Enough length to stack 8 palates and equipment

Refrigerator van

  • Dimension inside of deck (mm) : Length 5,200 x Width 2,280 x Height 2,200
  • PosMAC structure using frame and aluminum for enhanced durability and lightweight vehicle
  • Payload : 3,500kg

Dry van

  • Dimension inside of deck (mm) : Length 5,300 x Width 2,300 x Height 2,300
  • PosMAC structure using frame and aluminum to strengthen durability and lightweight
  • Payload : 4,000kg (Lift gate : 3,700kg)

E-track & belt (SUS)

Top, bottom staking to allow stable fixture of freight

Indoor lights and emergency bell
(interface with vehicle klaxon) switch

Slim type evaporator

Skate rail floor

LED indoor lighting : 4 ea

5M MCV class thermal storage

Palate career (Joroda) storage box

Rear swing door

Rear door lock : 4 ea

Roll forming rail
(South Korea’s first roll forming rail)

Significantly increase in firmness compared to pressing or bending methods

Indicator at the end of the top

Rear corner reinforced plate (SUS)

Rear camera


Swing-type side door

Aluminum door hinge
(South Korea’s first aluminum door hinge)

Enhanced corrosion resistance and lightweight

8-inch navigation


Embedded thermal control and tachograph

PosMAC based frame

Lightweight and enhanced corrosion resistance (Including under coating)

High trim