Engine & Transmission

Upgraded engine performance

With upgraded performance and better fuel efficiency of Euro 6 Step D engine, MAXEN offers more power
when driving overloaded and uphill.

The European engine maker Fiat Powertrain Technologies has
a 100-year-old history of technology and know-how. Its Euro 6 Step D engine maintains maximum torques at a broad RPM range in a stable manner, offering excellent performance and fuel efficiency.
It makes a difference in your revenue.
As proven in the sale and real-road driving in Europe since 2019,
FPT engine has become more durable and reliable through additional
one-year driving test in Korea.

  • Euro 6 Step D Cursor Series engines


    Diesel engine

    • Cursor 13 – 570ps / 255kgf.m (10 HP higher than Step-C engine)

    • Vehicle type : 6x2 / 6x4 Tractor

    • Cursor 11 – 480ps / 234kgf.m (5 torque higher than Step-C engine)

    • Vehicle type : 4x2 / 6x2 / 6x4 Tractor

    LNG engine

    • Cursor 13NG – 460ps / 203kgf.m

    • Vehicle type : 6x2 Tractor

  • ZF Auto Transmission & Manual Transmission

    Established in 1915 in Germany,
    ZF is a global transmission maker in close cooperation with global commercial vehicle makers.
    Durability and quality of ZF transmissions are considered the best in the world.
    This ZF transmission, tuned for the optimal and highly efficient engine performance of Tata Daewoo vehicles, bring our powertrain systems to perfection.

  • Automated Manual Transmission Optional feature

    ZF Traxon 12-speed automated manual transmission (AMT)

    • Equipped with ZF-patented coaxial clutch system, this ZF Traxon 12-speed AMT carries out an automatic gear change pneumatically.
    • Excellent fuel efficiency thanks to the direct type + lower rear axle gear ratio
    Standard feature

    4x2 / 6x2 / 6x4 (570ps) Tractor

    Optional feature

    6x4 (480ps) Tractor

  • Manual Transmission

    ZF Ecosplit 16-speed manual transmission

    • Excellent gradeability and fuel efficiency with easy operation of single H type
    • Direct type + enhanced fuel efficiency with lower rear axle gear ratio
    • Vehicle type : 6x4 (480ps) Tractor

ZF Traxon function

Hill Holder

Enhanced ability
to calculate gradient
degree with the
application of Gyro
Sensor that prevents
vehicles from sliding
when restarting
on a slope


Optimal gear shift cater
to road conditions
with GPS
Optional feature

K Mode

Suitable driving mode
selected while driving on
national roads and in rural
areas with frequent curves,
up & down hills
(gear shift at a higher RPM
than the RPM during
regular driving mode)


Gear shift to neutral
on a down hill
to enhance driving

Drive on ldle

Driving at a low speed
without engagement
of accelerator

Rocking Free

Escaping from a rough road
and obstacles by shaking
vehicles back and forth


Durability & Driving Performance

Robust driving performance with enhanced durability and ride comfort

Upgrade in a structure to allow any working conditions and strong performance with sophisticated design

  • Cab with high stiffness

    A cab with the best strength and stiffness is realized
    through vehicle body structure design based on computer
    analysis of numerous structures and safety validation,
    and corrosion resistance and durability are enhanced with
    the application of galvanized steel sheets

  • Reduced interior noise

    Improved cab interior noise by cutting the inflow of external noise

  • Cab suspension (Full floating air suspension)

    Optimal tunning on 4-point full floating air suspension
    to reduce impact substantially by preventing excessive
    cabin movement for enhanced riding comfort and stability while driving

  • High strength frame and powder coating

    1st electrodeposition painting and 2nd powder​ coating on a high strength frame

4-bag air suspension

Enhanced cargo stability and riding comfort

Standard feature

4x2 / 6x2 Tractor

Optional feature

6x4 Tractor

Frame under member

Enhanced riding comfort and stability of steering

Integrated air processing unit (C-APU & E-APU)

Integration of innovative 4-layer valve​, air drier and air cartridge system to shorten air tank charging time and fuel efficiency

Side deflector

Strengthened level to enhance a driver’s safety

Royal trim

Safety system

Safe driving system for a driver as the top priority

The safest space on the road by applying various state-of-the-art system and enhanced convenience level

  • TPMS : Tire Pressure Monitoring System

    Optional feature

    Real-time TPMS on an instrument panel on the driver’s seat
    allowing accident prevention and enhanced fuel efficiency

  • DSM : Driver State Monitoring

    Optional feature

    Warning system of driver drowsiness by detecting a driver’s pupil movement and driver’s glance behaviour away from the front driving context

  • Monitoring camera for the corner view

    Standard feature : Royal trim

    Consistent camera operation or camera activation according to
    a turn indicator while changing a lane to play the blind spot via 8-inch AVN

  • ZF Intader brake

    Braking force generated by hydraulic driving device in transmission

    Optional feature ZF 12-level automated transmission

    Standard feature 6x2 LNG Tractor

AEB : Advanced Emergency Braking

  • The system will alert the driver about a risk of colliding with a vehicle in front of the vehicle, and apply braking so that the driver can take action to avoid a collision or the impact from a collision
  • Advanced safety system applied in 3 phases (1st phase : alert collision / 2nd phase : light braking / 3rd phase : emergency braking)
  • AEB function can be blocked with the application of Off switch in accordance with freight types

ACC : Advanced Cruise Control

  • Maintaining inter-vehicle distance and speed consistently by recognizing the vehicle in front
  • Distance between vehicles can be set into 5 levels according to road conditions

ESC : Electronic Stability Control

  • WABCO’s brake system, the best brake maker in Germany is adopted
  • Improved driving stability by detecting any signs of slippage and overturn of a vehicle while driving

LDW : Lane Departure Warning

  • With a camera installed in front it detects lane markers and helps drivers avoid crashes due to drifting or departing intended lane by alerting drivers



Scientific engineering for highly efficient driving and MAXEN’s unique dynamic style

360º VR

Turn the vehicle image to the left or right.​

    • Scalet Red

    • Marine Blue

* VR services for the interior/exterior images are based on the standard grade.
There may be some differences from the actual purchased vehicle.

Alaskan White

Satin Silver

Mocha Brown

Scarlet Red

Ocean Blue

Marine Blue

Mirage Gray

  • 01Front lid and integrated bumper
    Enhanced cooling performance with size increase
  • 02New DRL with dynamic style
  • 03Expanded aero-bumper
    Beautiful exterior design is realized with improved fuel efficiency
  • 04Stylish integrated side-view mirror
  • 05Corner-view monitoring camera Royal trim
  • 06Dynamical design for decal
  • 07Aluminum glossy wheelStandard feature : 6x2/6x4 Tractor
  • 08Side deflector Royal trim
  • 09Air spoiler Optional feature
  • 10High-dome line-up Optional feature
  • 11LED sidelight-embedded sun visor on cab front
  • Front lid
    Enhanced cooling performance with size increase

  • New DRL with dynamic style
    that improves stability during daytime driving
    (Daytime Running Lamp)

  • Dynamic decal design

  • Stylish integrated side mirror

New strong exterior






Digital dashboard developed for a trucker

  • Full digital cluster

    Optional feature : Royal trim

    Full LCD for better visibility and futuristic design
    Convenient to check vehicle conditions and sophisticated visual experience

    Applied to commercial vehicles for the first time in Korea

  • 7-inch LCD meter cluster

    Standard feature
  • 8-inch navigation dedicated to commercial vehicles

    Royal trim

    Optimal driving route selection considering the vehicle height and weight for safe driving and fuel efficiency

  • Smart start button

    Smart button for easy start

Sleeping bed

Sun visor on driver's seat Royal trim

Grip for getting on/off a vehicle

Parking cooler Royal trim Optional feature

Auxiliary heater 6x2 / 6x4 Tractor_Standard feature Royal trim

Electric sunroof High dome

Wide center storage Auto Transmission

Refrigerator6x2 Standard feature Tractor Royal trim

Overhead console storage High dome

German ISRI Driver’s Seat Royal trim

Best riding comfort and pleasant driving experience

Convenience features

More convenient vehicle system for pleasant and comfort driving experience

  • XENLINK, the latest feature of smart connected system

    Remote start, smart diagnosis, and vehicle control

  • Driver's seat from ISRI in Germany
    Best riding comfort and pleasant driving experience

  • More spacious and comfortable steps and shoe rack

    More convenient and safe step and spacious shoe rack for driver

  • Electric cab tilting switch

    Increased convenience level to install a cab tilting switch in the front lead

Function for customer

Chassis air gun port

Convenient cleaning of chassis air gun port (separate purchase of air gun)

Battery cutoff switch

Prevention of battery discharge during long-term parking and better level of convenience

Traction helper

Load on drive shaft to escape from slippery surface

6x2 Tractor

500L fuel tank

Fuel capacity : approx. 1,500km driving per one fuel charge

Standard feature

Digital Tachograph/Electronic toll collection system

LED working light

LED room lamp

High dome

12V socket on passenger seat

Cup holder

Multi-purpose hanger

Curtain roller

3-level check arm

Minimization of door opening backward due to strong wind and enhanced operating force