“New engine, new experience”

TDCV launched the first Euro 6 trucks in the domestic market

Euro 6 Prima models unveiled at GSCO on Jan. 30
World-class FPT engines used for better quality and fuel efficiency
TDCV CEO aims to lay the foundation to make TDCV a global truck manufacturer



Tata Daewoo Commercial Vehicle Limited (TDCV), a leading commercial vehicle manufacturer in the domestic market, unveiled new Euro 6 models. The move was made ahead of other domestic and global rivals after Korea had decided to start applying Euro 6, tighter emission standards, to new diesel-powered commercial vehicles from January this year.


The launching ceremony was held at GSCO (Gunsan Saemangeum Convention Ceter) in the City of Gunsan on January 30 and was attended by more than 300 people including major overseas and domestic clients, representatives from suppliers and dealers, and sales people.


“I am looking forward to seeing our new Euro 6 Prima trucks contribute to development of local community and create highly added-value,” TDCV President & CEO Kim Kwan-kyu said during the opening speech. “We will pave the way toward being a global truck maker through our new models.”


TDCV’s new Euro 6 Prima lines including heavy-duty cargo, medium-duty cargo, tractor, dump and mixer meet Euro 6 emission standards. What is noteworthy is that the new models are mounted with high-performance engines made by Italian engine manufacturer FPT. The company has grown as a globally renowned engine maker with its challenging spirits and creativity.


The FPT engine used for Euro 6 Prima went through a thorough durability test by both FPT and TDCV. For this test, FPT fitted their engines to total 70 vehicles to drive them more than 12,000,000 km. TDCV also conducted its own test by putting engines into 10 vehicles and have them endure 900,000 km of driving. After such a thorough test, it turned out that the FPT engines have good quality, which added a perfection to TDCV’s new Euro 6 models.


TDCV’s efforts to prove the quality of their new models did not stop. The truck manufacturer carried out a fleet test during a year’s period. They delivered nine vehicles to customers, asked them to ride it and received their feedback. Their endeavor to demonstrate engine performance and listen to the voices of customers before start of production has brought high durability and reliability to their new Euro 6 models. Indeed, they are being recognized as a very competitive vehicle in the market.



The FPT engines increased fuel efficiency by 9 percent for MCV and 3 percent for HCV

What is truly remarkable of the new Euro 6 models is engine. The FPT engines proved that they are one of the most cutting-edge engines by meeting challenging new Euro 6 emissions regulations.


All Euro 6 Prima trucks are equipped with direct drive type transmission and engine with electronic variable geometry turbocharger (e-VGT). In particular, the engine has two driving options: power driving mode and eco driving mode. The eco mode enhances fuel efficiency by up to nine percent for MCV, and three percent for HCV. This high fuel economy is a major reason why TDCV decided to use the FPT engines.


The Euro 6 Prima also boasts outstanding design. This includes the largest integrated side view mirror in the domestic market, which improves visibility and appearance; side maker lamps, which meet regulations and can be used longer than conventional ones; DRL (daytime running lamp), which is for better safety; and square-type front under view mirror, which is to reduce “dead” zone. The exterior of the Euro 6 Prima is designed not only to make the model look better but also to keep drivers safer.


Its interior is increasing the new models’ appeal, too, as it is thoughtfully designed for drivers. For instance, most trendy colors were used: burgundy brown for trim and black high glossy for I/P (Instrumental Panel). Large storage compartments added below I/P and on the bed side created more storage room for the new models. Indeed, a tower rack was installed to provide more convenience for drivers.


When it comes to chassis and electronics, holes were already made in the frame, which is expected to make it easier for SPV companies to work and detach and re-attach fuel tank, battery and more. The quality of harness as well as hoses and pipes improved and newly added welcome system and escort lamps are expected to offer more convenience and safety to customers.


Since the Euro 6 models are mounted with a wide range of FPT engines including NEF (280/320 HP), Cursor 9 (360/400 HP), Cursor 11 (420/460/480 HP), and Cursor 13 (560 HP), customers now have more options to choose the most suitable engine for them.