Tata Daewoo launching 2013 PRIMA & NOVUS Truck!

               - ‘PRIMA’ Truck, Korea’s leading truck with 560 horsepower, the maximum 
                  output among domestic brands, and comfortable ride
               - Customer-oriented truck prioritizing marketability and quality improvement
               - Simultaneous launching of 2 brands, Premium ‘Prima’ and Economic Novus’
               - Focusing on expanding <One-stop service center> for sales, maintenance 
                  and parts, reducing maintenance time

Sept. 5th, 2012.
Tata Daewoo(President & CEO Jongshik Kim) will start sales of 『2013 PRIMA & NOVUS Truck』 with marketability and quality improvement on Sept. 6th  with a nationwide display tour. 

Tata Daewoo has a launching ceremony of 2 brands, Premium ‘Prima’ and Economic ‘Novus’,   in Gunsan attended by around 200 main customers and employees on Sept. 5th(Wed.)

Dr. Jongshik KIM, CEO, Tata Daewoo, said that Prima truck boasts 560 horsepower, the maximum output verified in the market, and is manufactured based on 48 items of customers’ requirements in terms of marketability and quality improvement. He added that Tata Daewoo will upgrade its brand power by boosting sales in both domestic and international market. 

Features of 2013 Prima and Novus are that Tata Daewoo is offering a wide range of choices by introducing premium and economic types and reflected as many customers’ requirements as possible. 

In particular, Tata Daewoo applied electronic ‘4 bag chassis air suspension’ to improve performance of Prima truck, protecting goods in a cargo box and enhancing ride quality and durability. It increases brake performance to 30% as against existing drum brakes by applying ‘Disc Brake’ and improves charging performance by applying 230 amp high capacity battery(option) and 100 amp ‘alternator(basic)’ for electronic convenience devices and special purpose vehicles(SPV).

Some items suggest at ‘Truck Field Experience’ attended by all executive members and team leaders for two weeks in 2011 were applied. Drivers can enjoy cool and fresh indoor environment by applying ventilation seat that a cold wind blows from a seat in the summertime and heat wire seat enables drivers to keep warm in winter. So drivers can enjoy pleasant driving all year around.  

In addition, Tata Daewoo applied ‘Eco-driving System’ for fuel efficiency, ‘Two-dot side mirror’ to secure wide view angle and ‘High-load spring(front/rear)’ for SPV.

Prima received a ‘Grand Prize of the 2009 Good Design Selection of Korea’ for the first time in the truck segment and the ‘German Design Award 2012’ for the first time among domestic car makers since its launch of 2009. 4 primary colors including Silver, Blue, Orange, green, big metallic particles and tattoo shaped graphic on the side make Prima more stylish and sophisticated.

Tata Daewoo plans to expand <One-stop service center>, providing one-stop service for sales, maintenance and parts service, from 5 to 12 and strengthen maintenance facility and repairmen to provide rapid and high quality service to customers

When it comes to the basic price of 2013 Prima(560hp Ultra basis), it is KRW162.7 million for 25 ton Cargo, KRW145.55 million for 6×2 Tractor and KRW176.38 million for 25.5 ton Dump(Single reduction). In case of 5ton NEF MCV Royal, it is KRW67.3 million(additional tax included).
When it comes to the basic price of 2013 Prima, KRW162.7 million(additional tax included).