◆ Tata Daewoo introduces a concept model of its Premium Truck Prima with 560 ps it is the most powerful engine in Korean trucks.
◆ Interior space is designed to be as comfortable and roomy as that of a Camper Van for long distance drivers
◆ Tata Daewoo’s Premium Truck Prima, is equipped with fine design, high fuel efficiency and extraordinary comfort
-  The company aims at achieving 40% of the domestic market, and makes inroads into the overseas market as well
◆ Tata Motors ‘nano’ the world’s cheapest car is also on display

Tata Daewoo Commercial Vehicle (CEO Kim, Jong-shik) presents 5 vehicles (Concept model- 6x2 high dome tractor, 25.5ton dump, 5ton super-long cargo, 14ton wing body and the Tata nano) at the 2011 Seoul Motor Show held at KINTEX (Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do) for 11 days from March 31 until April 10.

Tata Daewoo was the first domestic truck maker, that won the best design award for its Premium Truck Prima in the ‘Korea’s Good Design Award,’ receiving high praise for raising the standard of domestic trucks. Not only does Prima show off the nation’s most powerful engine, of 560 ps and at least 7% higher fuel efficiency against the old model, but also the truck is equipped with various amenities including a turning passenger seat, a refrigerator and a microwave. Its interior space is designed to be as comfortable as that of a Camper Van for long distance drivers.

At the press conference held on March 31, Tata Daewoo CEO Kim, Jong-shik said in his greetings: "Korea’s Heavy and Medium-duty Truck market is not a very big market. 20,000 trucks are sold on a yearly basis. However, there has always been fierce competition as 7 truck manufacturers, including importers, are competing with one another. However, Tata Daewoo targets to achieve 40% of the domestic market share with its Premium Truck Prima whose sophisticated design, high product quality and advanced technical skills are standing out. Cooperating with Tata Motors, its parent company and the world’s 4th biggest commercial vehicle manufacturer, we are developing products fitting the local environment of each overseas market, and Tata Daewoo is aggressively exploring export partners."

The outcome of the “Prima Road show” held in October, 2010
One of Tata Daewoo’s customers asked Dr. Kim whether he could drive a truck at the end of the year 2009, right after he became Tata Daewoo CEO. The customer said that it would only be fair that the CEO of a truck manufacturer must be able to drive his own trucks. Dr. Kim obtained a HCV (Heavy-duty Commercial Vehicle) license immediately, and drove a Prima 25.5T dump from Gunsan to Seoul, and then to Busan, Jeju and various other cities to meet his customers.

"By doing so, I’ve seen the outstanding quality of our Prima truck for myself. Even now, I give a ride to my acquaintances and friends, and sometimes encourage them to drive a truck as well."

Meanwhile, we are holding a publication ceremony in honor of Dr. Kim’s new book titled 『TRUST BASED MANAGEMENT OF THE TATA GROUP』 at 5:00pm on March 31 at the Millennium Seoul Hilton Hotel. The book introduces the management leadership principles of the Tata Group, which have been the foundation for the group to growth over the past 140 years, they have enabled it to become both India’s top company, and one of the world’s renowned corporations. The book also tells the story of the development of the Tata Nano, which has been recorded as the world’s cheapest car and the most innovative vehicle in the auto history. Dr. Kim’s own management philosophy, which he has been practicing for many years, will also be introduced.

Tata Daewoo Commercial Vehicle uses 800㎡ exhibition space in the Seoul Motor Show. The space consists of three zones:
▲ The Exhibition Zone, where 5 trucks are being displayed, including the Prima concept model, one medium- and two heavy-duty trucks, as well as the Tata Nano,
▲ The PR Zone, where Tata Daewoo Commercial Vehicle and the Tata Group will be introduced, and finally
▲ The Experience Zone, where guests can make model trucks for themselves in our “Puzzle event”. A quiz show will be held for the pleasure of our guests giving them a better understanding of our trucks. The Tata Daewoo Commercial Vehicle PR video will be played on the center stage, while this same stage will also hold the
▲ B-boy show.