- Nationwide Road Show, Attracting a Lot of Attention to 'Prima Euro5' following Launch Event
- Sales Network to be Established through Partnership with SK Netruck for One-Stop Service
- Tata Daewoo Sales Company, Launched in July to Satisfy Customers with Specialized Service

October 25, 2010-10-21

Tata Daewoo Commercial Vehicle Limited (TDCV), medium & heavy duty truck maker, has just started a move to become market leader in Korea in 2011. TDCV on Monday announced its 2011 vision at press conference held in Seoul Education & Cultural Center in Yangjae-dong before conducting nationwide road show to mark 2011 model “Prima Euro5” launch.

In his speech at press conference, Dr. Kim Jong-Shik, president of TDCV, said, “We will strive to become market leader in Korea and to achieve market share target of 40 percent.” To this end, TDCV plans to conduct aggressive advertising, public relations and marketing activities following launch of 2011 model “Prima Euro5” satisfying stricter emission norm.

Among them, one of the main events is nationwide Road Show scheduled starting from 25 October (Gunsan) to 5 November. The first part of the event is that President Kim and 11 employees drive 12 Prima Euro5 trucks to the place for press conference in Seoul. President Kim and many other employees—regardless of their position and team—will participate in the two-week road show in 30 cities across the country.

President Kim, who drove Prima Euro5 from Gunsan to the place of press conference in Seoul, described Prima Euro5 as more comfortable than Benz truck. He said, ”The appearance of Prima Euro5 is just like pretty boy having mild styling, and it is equipped with various high-tech convenience features. For this reason, I can say that with such design and comfort of Prima Euro5, our customers may feel as if it is passenger car.” He also said that he would listen to our customers’ voice by offering them as many chances to experience the new model as possible during road show event, which well shows both his confidence and expectations toward Prima Euro5.

Tata Daewoo Commercial Vehicle Sales Company (TDSC), launched in July 2010, is also projected to play critical role as supporter for TDCV’s target of becoming market leader in Korea. From 1 November, TDCV’s vehicles are to be sold through TDSC. As a 100 percent subsidiary company of TDCV, TDSC is in charge of domestic sales for all Novus and Prima models. Currently, it has 30 dealers, 70 service centers, and 110 spare parts dealers in order to provide customers with enhanced information access and service.

Meanwhile, through joint marketing with SK Netruck TDCV will establish One-Stop service network—a popular system in developed markets for vehicle sales, A/S service and spare parts sales—where customers are given high quality service.

For this, TDCV on November formally sign a contract with SK Netruck and will further make efforts to improve customer care in the fields of domestic vehicle sales, used vehicle sales at home and abroad, A/S service, spare parts sales, etc.

President Kim said, "The year of 2011 will be very meaningful time. With launch of premium truck Prima Euro5 and specialized customer care, 2011 will be the first year for us to make a leap forward to become a leader in domestic market and global commercial vehicle industry."

In 2004, TDCV was acquired by Tata Group, India’s largest company, to become a 100 percent subsidiary company. The annual sales revenues for TDCV doubled to 680 billion won from 290 billion won for the past six years, and it keeps growing.