- 'PRIMA EURO5' Launch Festival for All Tata Daewoo Employees and Their Families
- Passionate and Family-friendly Tata Daewoo Stands Out in the Festival
- Tata Daewoo's Competitiveness Comes from the Employees and Families Feeling Satisfaction and Pride toward the Company

22 October, 2010

Tata Daewoo Commercial Vehicle Limited (TDCV), medium & heavy duty truck maker, on Friday successfully held 2010 Tata Daewoo PRIMA Festival” in sports ground of head office in Gunsan where approximately 5,000 TDCV employees, their families and customers were invited to celebrate Premium Truck 'Prima Euro5' launch.

Marking the launch of 'PRIMA Euro5' that obtained Euro5 homologation-stricter emission norm, TDCV prepared the event to show gratitude to all employees for their best efforts made for Euro5 launch as well as to share with them the corporate vision of becoming a global market leader in commercial vehicle industry. During festival, PRIMA Euro5 made its public debut, and various sub-events were also offered for TDCV employees and their families.

During the festival, Dr. Jong-Shik Kim, president of TDCV appeared from back stage driving Prima Euro5 truck. He said, "It is a very meaningful day since we gathered together to celebrate Euro5 launch, especially with employees and families who have shown endless love and support for TDCV. After rolling out Prima Euro5, in  let us strive to become a leader in domestic truck market."

Along with Prima Euro5 launch event, TDCV provided employee’s families with plant tour program including visit to Body & Assembly Shop, talent shows, sub-events participated by employees and families, and performances of popular singers.

President Kim said, "As a passionate and family-friendly company based on "mutual understanding," labor and management of TDCV together concern and communicate for mutual understanding for any issues, which is our corporate culture. "We will do our utmost to make a great leap forward to become a global market leader, with help of passion shown today by employees and their families."

TDCV will carry out more aggressive advertising, marketing, public relations activities following the festival. Among them, one of the main events is nationwide Road Show scheduled starting from 25 October (Gunsan) to 5 November. The first part of the event is that President Kim and 11 employees drive 12 Prima Euro5 trucks to the place for press conference in Seoul. President Kim and many other employees-regardless of their position and team-will participate in the two-week road show in 30 cities across the country.

In 2004, TDCV was acquired by Tata Group, India’s largest company, to become a 100 percent subsidiary company. The annual sales revenues for TDCV doubled to 680 billion won from 290 billion won for the past six years, and it keeps growing.