- High performance 251 horsepower engine
- Cabin variants, “Sleeper(Transport)”&”Semi-Sleeper(special purpose vehicle)”
- 10% better fuel economy achieved through aero-dynamic design, weight reduction and
application of electronic fan clutch

Tata Daewoo Commercial Vehicle (President & CEO Jong-Shik Kim) announced on 23 March that it began sales of “PRIMA” medium duty trucks (4.5 & 5 ton) with two type cabin variants— the first-of-its-kind in Korea.

“PRIMA medium commercial vehicles” are equipped with High performance 251 hp engine as well as utility based cabin design & variation to respond to diverse customer needs. PRIMA MCV, along with PRIMA HCV whose sales started in October 2009, is targeted at both Korean and worldwide market. The company will nurture the high level function & quality of PRIMA range to make it the pride of Korea in the global market.

Utility-based cabin variants, which are the first-of-its kind in Korea, are available for PRIMA MCV.
▶ Sleeper cabin is fitted with a wide bed for long-distance transport.
▶ Semi-Sleeper cabin (with optional feature of center seat) is for fire engines & refuse trucks and other applications..

The width of the cabin is designed to suit operation in city congested area

PRIMA MCV is designed to provide excellent
▶ride comfort, which can be attributed to 4-point full floating air suspension cab and multi-adjustable seat,
▶mobility & livability with walk-through cabin design,
▶driver’s convenience: visibility with large, opposite pattern wipers; cruise-control; all-in-one steering wheel audio controls.
▶ PRIMA MCV can offer the much needed economic value through improvement in fuel efficiency by 10% at 60km/hr, thanks to aero-dynamically designed cabin, weight reduction and application of electronic fan clutch.

“Tata Daewoo has gone through exhaustive quality validation process for PRIMA MCV such as durability testing of total 2 million km of road driving, parts testing for 2 years and building/testing over 100 cabins,” a company official said. “With Premium Truck PRIMA MCV launch following HCV roll-out, we expect that it will elevate domestic truck models to a higher level,” he added.
The price for PRIMA MCV ranges from 53.7 to 61.5 million won.