The Ministry of Knowledge and Economy (MKE) and Korean Institute of Design Promotion (KIDP) on 8th December announced the selection of 619 products as “2009 Good Design Product.” Good Design Selection, organized by KIDP, is a certification system to recognize excellent design products in terms of unique design as well as function, quality, safety, etc. In 2009, 1864 products were submitted for the selection. 619 candidates out of total 1864 have been selected as Good Design Product, 62 of which have been chosen as finalists for President’s Award, Prime Minister’s Award, MKE Minister’s Award(grand prize), PPS(Public Procurement Service) Ad minister’ Award(best prize), KIDP President’s Award(excellent prize) and others.

Tata Daewoo Premium Truck PRIMA has won to receive both “GD”mark and Grand Prize by the jury consisting of design experts with getting good results in various factors. TDCV is now allowed to use“GD” mark for all commercial ads and the products.

In 1995, TDCV’s NOVUS truck was also given Good Design Mark for the first time in domestic commercial vehicle (truck/bus) industry. With the second time selection as Good Design Product, TDCV is now being recognized as a company pursuing innovative, differentiated design.

Kwan-Kyu Kim, Executive Managing Director and Head of TDCV R&D Center, said “Premium Truck PRIMA, a full model change vehicle for the first time in 15 years, is designed to maximize customer convenience by considering practical value and styling with cab variation, magnificent and sophisticated image from new aero dynamic styling.” “Premium truck PRIMA is developed as driver-oriented truck for safety/durability/new technology, and will advance further to more differentiated brand from one of best truck models in domestic market,”he added.

Meanwhile, an official from Ministry of Knowledge and Economy said, “We will make efforts to enhance national brand image as design power country based on Good Design Selection, one of the world top 3 design awards.”

Good Design Selection, initiated from 1985, hosted by MKE and organized by KIDP, is a system to give “GD”mark of government’s certification to good design products, service and buildings through just jury’s decision in aesthetics, functionality and economic value pursuant to Industrial Design Promotion Act.