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High stiffness frame
High-tensile ATOS80 steel panels improve body stiffness.
Lane departure warning system (LDWS)
LDWS improves customer safety (Optional)
Front cab air suspension & Rear cab air suspension
New 4-point full-floating air suspended bellows with PSD (Position Sensitive Damper, using twin-tube shock absorber) greatly improves driving comfort.
*Full-floating: cab and chassis are separately floated
High stiffness cab
Body structure designed based on countless computer-aided analysis and safety verification processes ensures highest cab strength. Galvanized steel sheets are durable and corrosion-resistant
It firmly anchors with trailer and is engineered for easier turn (option for high/low)
Rear Axle
Axle can be selected by usages Reduction gear ratio-for speed/gradability (optional item)
Super Jake Brake
As of C13 engine of Euro 5, 30% more improved braking power makes better safety and extends the life expectancy of braking system, so that economic feasibility is enhanced
Disc Brake
It realizes strong braking power and secure the life expectancy of brake lining as well as safety (4 Bag Air Suspension applied vehicle)
Intarder Brake
When going downhill, it prevents bake from overheating and dramatically extend the life expectancy of brake lining, so that the maintenance cost and driving stability are benefited.
A-ARM Torque Rod is applied
A-Arm Torque Rod excellent in distributing horizontal load is applied to improve safety during turning
4Bag Air Suspension(Rear Axle)
It protects cargo and enhances ride comfort. Also It secures the working area for cargo handling as it has bigger height adjustment space compared to competitors (6x2 standard item, 6x4 optional item)
EBS(Electronic Brake System)
Braking system that detects the driving situation quickly such as acceleration and braking, curve road, beating road, minimizes slip of vehicle, and exhibits stable braking performance



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