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New front lid & corner vane
New front lid & corner vane design for 2017 model
New side decal design adding to a dynamic look
Exterior mirrors in chrome
Chrome-finish mirror covers
New LED exterior sun visor (Day cab, Sleeper cab-Low floor, Sleeper cab-Standard models)
New sun visor reduces wind noise when speeding up
Front undercover
Steel front undercover makes the vehicle more durable
Battery cut-off switch
The switch enables convenient prevention of battery discharge during long-term parking
Additional control box
Exterior extra control box on the co-driver's side will enhance work efficiency
Detachable extension chute
Extension chute can be detached from the mixer unit and put on the chute holder when not in use
Optimized chute angle
Chute angle is increased 19° to offer optimal work conditions
Waste box (Collection box)
Collection box size (85L) is increased and a lid is added on top
Rear protector ground clearance increase
Increased ground clearance (+45mm) makes entering the vehicle easier
Large and high-performing air horn in chrome
POINT 01  High stiffness ATOS80 steel is applied for drum and blades for first time in Korea
POINT 02  Mixer drum unit is improved (REAX450 abrasion-resistant steel)
POINT 03  Engine PTO on/off switch is applied for the first time in Korea



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