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Cargo-Heavy DutyPRIMA


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Interior design
Black high-gloss & burgundy brown trims
7-inch, full-colored meter cluster (Royal trim)
Dramatic improvement in function, size and visibility for driver's comfort
7-inch AV, navigation, rear-view camera (Royal trim)
High-end audio system and navigation (built-in DMB, DVD, Bluetooth) & rear-view camera (with an additional switch)
Natural leather grips
Natural leather grips inside the cab make entering the vehicle easier and safer
Large stowage compartment (Sleeper cab + ZF T/M models)
A stowage compartment with a high stowage capacity improves user convenience
Sleeping bed & extra heater remote controller (Royal trim)
[Applied for royal trim sleeper cab, except for 4x2 cargo]
Spacious and cozy sleeping bed and heater remote controller promise a relaxing time in the bunk
New sun visor on the driver's side
Opening angle can be flexibly adjusted
1DIN audio & Bluetooth display (Super deluxe trim)
Convenient operation via Bluetooth function
Air suspension seat
Multi-functional air suspension seat impresses with a high level of comfort (Seat heating & air-conditioning included)
Brake-lining monitoring system (EBS models)



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