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Cargo-Heavy DutyPRIMA


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New front lid & corner vane
New front lid & corner vane design for 2017 models
New side decal design adding to a dynamic look
Exterior mirrors in chrome
Chrome-finish mirror covers
New LED exterior sun visor (Day cab, Sleeper cab-Low floor, Sleeper cab-Standard models)
New sun visor reduces wind noise when speeding up
Standard/Aero type
Standard type: High ground clearance for off-road operations
Aero type: Bigger front cover gives your truck a charismatic appearance while lowering air resistance, which improves fuel efficiency
Electric tilting cab (65°)
Greater tilting angle gives increased maintenance space, ensuring better access to the engine room
Battery cut-off switch
The switch enables convenient prevention of battery discharge during long-term parking
Urea cab retaining strap
The strap prevent customers from losing the cab
Urea tank size upgrade
(NEF models: 38L → 50L
Cursor models: 47L → 60L)
01 Multi-connector
02 A/C filter
03 Brake pedal module
04 Coolant tank (Surge tank)
05 Front cab suspension
06 Washer liquid cab
High-dome model
8x4 & 10x4 Sleeper cab



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