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New front lid & corner vane
Front lid & corner vane got wider and stronger.
New LED exterior sun visor
Two-tone colored sun visor with LED helps reduce wind noise dramatically.
Chrome-plated new outside mirror
Dark chrome-plated outside mirror accentuates its luxury image.
New side decals
Straight line decals add dynamic image to the vehicle.
New body color for new 8x4 model (Color name: Mirage Gray)
Just like a chameleon, the new 8x4 dump changes its color. Depending on light's angle and viewing angle, this metallic gray color looks either bright, clean green or elegant violet, the color of royal families.
Electric tilting cab (65°)
Greater tilting angle gives increased maintenance space, ensuring better access to the engine room.
Battery cut-off switch
The switch enables convenient prevention of battery discharge during long-term parking.
Urea cab retaining strap
The strap prevents customers from losing the cab. Urea tank size upgrade
(NEF models: 38L → 50L
models: 47L → 60L)
Dumping cylinder
I-type (Standard) / Short-cover type (Option)
Large fuel tank (350L)
Convenient when driving long distances as driviers do not need to stop at the gas station often.
Hook on the horizontal rear gate



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