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Interior design
Black high-gloss & burgundy brown trims
New sun visor on the driver's side
Opening angle can be flexibly adjusted
Air Suspension Seat
Seat with multi-functions, providing a pleasant ride
Trim colored in black high glossy & burgundy brown
Color change in some interior parts, aimed at improving appearance inside the cab
LED colored meter cluster
Meter cluster with graphs indicating how much fuel is consumed, aimed at helping drivers optimize driving style for fuel efficiency
Tower rack added (for Sleeper Cab)
Tower rack added for providing more convenience and location-adjustable hangers for better practicality
AV / Navigation / Rear camera
High-end audio system, navigation (DMB, DVD, Bluetooth-embedded) and rear camera (switch separately applied) which provide comfort ride
Large-sized storage space on the bed side
Better convenience and more comfort inside the cab (for Sleeper Cab)
Large-sized storage space
Multi-functional space located below bed seats
Hill holder
A function that prevents a vehicle from rolling backward on a hill when the brake pedal is released, and moves the vehicle forward safely
Parking brake
Improve stability in parking & braking by gradually controlling braking power



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