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Favored by customers because it is known for low failure rates. Its reliability and fuel economy have been  assured since it was applied to Euro 3 models.

6.7 L
Max power
280 PS
Max torque
102 kg·m

NEF image


DL06P, featuring a simple structure optimized for domestic geographical features, provides a high level of comfort Made in Korea

5.9 L
Max power
280 PS
Max torque
102 kg·m

DL06P image

ZF 6-speed manual transmission
  • ZF 6-speed manual transmission in a light-weighted aluminum housing boosts excellent durability and optimal gear ratio

ZF 6-speed manual transmission image

ZF 9-speed manual transmission(Option)
  • Compared with 6-speed manual transmission, ZF 9-speed manual transmission has greater accelerating power, 7% enhanced fuel economy, and reduced gear shift shocks

ZF 9-speed manual transmission(Option) image

ZF 6-speed automated transmission (Option)
  • ZF 6-speed automated transmission does not have a clutch pedal although it is using the clutch mechanism used in manual transmissions. TCU control enables automatic transmission.
  • Its fuel efficiency is similar to that of manual transmissions.

ZF 6-speed automated transmission (Option) image

ALLISION 6-speed automated transmission (Option)
  • Torque-converting system reduces shift shocks and allows PTO operations while driving
  • Lock-up clutch applicable from 2nd gear enhances mileage

ALLISION 6-speed automated transmission (Option) image