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One of the most admired Companies in Korea, Tata Deawoo commercial Vehicle

Tata Daewoo Commercial Vehicle was established in March 2004 as an energetic and family-oriented company. Predicated on the corporate values of lntegrity, Customer Focus, Environmental Responsi-bility, Passion for Excellence, and Innovation, the company aims to become the most admired company in Korea by building on its accumulated technologies and customer confidence.

Since its founding in March 2004, Tata Deawoo has made continuous investments in product development and facility expansion to expand its product line of heavy & medium - duty trucks. Thanks to such efforts, its exports have grown five-fold, sales have more than doubled, and the num-ber of employees have increased by about 60& to 1,350 people. The number of export destinations has grown to more than sixty countries, including the UAE, South Africa, Algeria, and India. For the first time in Korea, it received 1 billion dollars export award in 2006 and 2 billion dollars in 2008 with a single export item, heavy-duty truck.

To emerge as a global player in the comprehensive commercial vehicle manufacturing sector, Tata Daewoo has worked with its parent company Tata Motors and has developed a medium-and long-term plan for both companies to simultaneously grow into global market leaders.

To this end, Tata Daewoo is expanding its facilities to produces SCV, LCV and Buses for export and making progress in product development stage by stage. Tata Daewoo is also taking the lead corpo-rate social responsibility through job creation, community chest drives, donation campaigns for the disabled and other community work.

  • 2011 포뮬러1 코리아 그랑프리 이미지
  • 수출탑 이미지
  • Good Design대상 트로피 이미지
  • 타타그룹의 신뢰경영 책 이미지
  • 1 2011 F1 Korean Grand Prix
  • 2 2006 TATA DAEWOO won 1 Billion Export Tower / 2008년 TATA DAEWOO won 2 Billion Export Tower
  • 3 TATA DAEWOO’s the ‘PRIMA’awarded the Good Design Selection of 2009
  • 4 Publiched book,‘TATA, trust based management’by Dr. Jong-Shik, Kim